The Case for her - call it what it is. period.

Talking about your period in public spaces isn’t accepted in any culture. The word “period” is taboo, so people have replaced it with 5,000 slang words and phrases in 10 different languages. Enough with the code words. We’re igniting a conversation to end the stigma. Period.


Internet Takeover

To reach those who aren’t scrolling through social feeds, we’re going to takeover the internet. On International Women’s Day, anytime one of the 5,000 slang words appears online, the text will appear red, and link out to our microsite.

Screenshot 2019-03-12 02.08.05.jpg


microsite on computer mockup.jpg

Period Keyboard stickers

Take a stand with us to call it what it is by signing our Period Pledge, and we’ll send you a period sticker to place over the period key on your keyboard. It’s guaranteed to start the conversation no one has been having. Period.

Computer with sticker.jpg

Art Director: Sydney Lippman